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Del Taco welcomed to Grand Junction

It was love at first bite for Grand Junction residents Dylan Bauman and Zach Becker as they celebrated Del Taco's grand opening on the Western Slope with a pair of burritos on Wednesday.

The restaurant chain had a ribbon cutting on Tuesday at 2513 U.S. Highway 50 next to the Rimrock Shopping Center. Franchise owner H.B. Mason said he plans to open more restaurants in this area.

"We want to bring one more Del Taco to Grand Junction and five or six more to the Western Slope," said Mason, "If things go well here then we'll move forward with opening a location in Montrose next."

Bauman and Becker were among 40 customers inside Del Taco's during the lunch rush while cars lined the drive-thru.

The restaurant features plenty of seating, an inside playground for children, free Wi-Fi connection and quick service.

"We saw the Del Taco sign about a month ago and we were pretty excited," said Becker, "The prices are good and we'll definitely come back here, especially with the 24-hour drive-thru."

Mason decided to bring Del Taco to Grand Junction to expand the franchise and give the city a new place to eat.

"It's simple, Del Taco rocks and Grand Junction needed a place to eat that can compete with Taco Bell," said Mason.

The restaurant's menu is a mix of breakfast items, traditional Mexican fare such as tacos and burritos, as well as 100 percent beef burgers and fries. It offers complete $4 meals, $1 drinks, and gift cards.

The restaurant created new job opportunities and hired 70 people, including Greg Williams, a lobby attendant who greets customers at the door to create a welcoming atmosphere. Williams worked hard with the busy crowd and poked fun to lighten the mood.

"I really enjoy the people, but it is busier than a one-armed paper hanger in here," said Williams.

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