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20 Years of Pride: Del Taco Franchise Partner Brent Veach Continues to Grow

If there’s one thing that’s certain about Del Taco’s franchise partners, it’s that they share profound pride in being a part of a growing brand committed to exceptional quality and service for guests. Just ask Brent Veach – a franchise partner since 1999, who now owns 50 restaurants in Colorado and Arizona - who has served as a member of Del Taco's Franchise Marketing Advisory Team for more than a decade. Veach stands as a sterling example of a passionate franchise partner who embodies the core values of the brand.

Featured by, Veach initially invested in three Del Taco locations in Phoenix when he decided to leave the corporate world for franchising in 1999 – little did he know at the time that he would grow to become Del Taco’s largest operator. Veach strives to create a culture of people first, operations and then profits, focusing on the growth of his investment with Del Taco.

"My philosophy is that healthy businesses will continue to grow," he says. "I want to continue to grow. I think that is a real positive sign, a sign of strength internally and externally. I'm positioning us for that, and I would like it to be with Del Taco."

A true visionary in the Del Taco franchise, Veach aims to positively impact the lives of other people through his business. He explains that his team operates the business based upon its core values, represented by the acronym SERVE: Strive for Excellence, Elevate Others, Relentless Focus on Achieving Results through Continuous Improvement, Visionary Leadership, Every Guest Matters.

“I don't have a specific number of stores I want to grow to or sales volume to achieve,” Veach explains. “Instead, our goal has always been to ‘grow profitably.’ I was once asked, ‘How much is enough?’ After some consideration, I realized that I didn't have an answer for that question because it was the wrong question for me. As long as we can grow the business profitably and I can achieve my personal goals in life, the question for me is, ‘Why wouldn't we continue to grow?'"

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