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Del Taco’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation Chad Gretzema Featured on QSRweb Podcast

Del Taco’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Innovation Chad Gretzema was recently featured on a podcast with QSRweb, a leading online destination delivering fast-breaking news, features and analysis on the quick-service restaurant industry.

Gretzema sat down for an interview with QSRweb and Pizza Marketplace Editor Shelly Whitehead to discuss Del Taco’s direction and renewed focus, stellar brand culture and drive to take Del Taco to areas around the country through its fresh food and modern atmosphere.

Speaking on several notable Del Taco developments, including its fresh produce chalkboard and innovative quesadilla machinery, Gretzema emphasizes Del Taco’s combined solutions strategy and the ways in which it has elevated the brand’s refreshed identity and growth plans moving forward. With a focus on people and a commitment to serving guests fresh, delicious food for a great value and with convenience, the strategy reinforces Del Taco’s brand promise to its guests.

“The main idea with combined solutions is that we maximize any major initiative that we’re rolling out with marketing elements that enhance the brand promise to our guests and operational elements that make it easier for our teams to deliver on that promise,” Gretzema explains. “This has really been an effective approach for us.”

Gretzema especially emphasizes the impact of the fresh produce chalkboard, which is filled out each morning and placed in the dining room and drive-thru, indicating key information such as where the produce was grown and when and who prepared it in the restaurant that day.

“We wanted to enhance the brand promise and further differentiate from our QSR competition by increasing the guests’ understanding that we are freshly preparing ingredients in our restaurants. And during our guest research, they told us that the transparency on where the produce was grown and when it was prepared really underlined that freshness for us.”

The QSR-plus powerhouse is Proud As Del of all the ways its dedicated team has helped to further propel Del Taco into a new era.

“What we found is that the chalkboard has really become a symbol of pride for our team members. When they see their name on the board, it reinforces that they’re doing something special you don’t see at every QSR restaurant.”

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